Sweet Dreams

I sat expectantly looking up at the sky. It had been a very bleak and cloudy day and I was sure it was going to rain. I sat there waiting for the first signs of rain to fall, yet nothing happened.

After a few minutes she looked at me triumphantly. Just as I began to admit I was wrong, a light rain fell over us. I could feel a smile creeping over my face, but I didn’t want to say anything. I simply put my arms around her and held her as we sat together in the rain. No matter how dull or chilly the day felt right at that moment, I only felt joy from being with her. I felt the warmth of her body as we sat together, and I smiled as I leaned closer to her.

The scenery and feelings I felt changed suddenly. I was no longer sitting with my arms around her in the rain, instead I sat in the back of a large classroom between aisles of desks. There were multiple computer monitors lighting up the otherwise dark and quiet room. Only two others sat in the room with us, but they didn’t appear to pay any attention to us. For some reason I was attempting to take her shoe from her. I felt a playfulness come over me as I continually tried reaching for her shoe. She kicked and kept me from my goal every time I tried. She ran away down the isle and I followed her. I sat at the edge of the isle, blocking her only way to run away from me again.

She attempted to quickly move over me to run away, but I stopped her as she tried. She stood before me and I looked over her beautiful smile as I noticed the same feeling of joy that I felt on her face. Our gazes met and without a second thought I leaned up towards her. As our lips met for the first time, I felt perfect bliss sweep over me for just a moment.

Again the scene before me changed drastically in the blink of an eye. The quiet dark of the classroom disappeared and was replaced by a brightly lit hall. I lay on the ground next to a set of lockers and closed my eyes as I spoke to her. I heard her talking and simply listened for a moment. Somehow our conversation turned to what the outcome in a wrestling match between us would be. We both defended our cases and argued for our personal victories. The conversation died down and she sat quietly a short distance from me. 

She jumped at me, all the while laughing, and tried to pin me down as quickly as possible. I pushed her arms off chest and tried to pin her before she could regain herself and push me back down. We struggled back and forth for a bit until she sat on top of my chest and smiled down at me. She laughed sweetly as I denied that she had every truly pinned me. 

I opened my eyes and was greeted again by new surroundings. I sat on a bench atop a hill that overlooked a huge park. The park itself was nestled withing a suburban area that polluted the air with the sound of passing cars. I paid no attention to either the park or the sound, I was completely enthralled by her. She sat across the bench from where I was, and I could not take my eyes off of her. The sun made her smile glow more than usual. The slight breeze tugged at her hair as she moved it out of her face. She stared back at me with her beautiful brown eyes. 

Her smile turned to a look of curiosity as she asked why I stared at her. I had no answer and simply continued to look at her in awe. She grew more and more beautiful every time I saw her, and I was content simply to sit there with her. When she realized I had no response to her question she jumped up and began to run off. I chased after her and wrapped my arms around her waist when I caught her. She turned to face me and I just continued to smile at her as I held her. 

The scene shifted as I held her. She now lay on my chest and I held onto her as she slept. She stirred and looked up at me with a small yawn. She placed her hands over my eyes as she said it was rude to stare. I laughed as I pulled her hands away from my eyes and continued to look at her. After a few moments she asked, “What is it?” 

“I love you.”


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