Before I start I want to say that I have nothing against people who consider themselves a set religion. I like to respect people’s beliefs, but these are mine on the subject of religion.

I was raised as a Catholic. My parents were very religious when I was young, and because of it I went to church almost every week. My parents taught me about morality, and I learned a great deal of right and wrong from studying religion.

As I grew older my parents wanted me to follow the general path of a Catholic. I started my classes for my first communion in which I had many of my questions answered. Almost every question I had was met with an answer from the Bible, but there were the few that had no real answer. I was told to simply have faith.

At the time that answer was more than enough. I wanted to believe, I wanted to know that God was out there looking over us. When my friends began to falter in their faith, I told them to simply believe. There was the matter of evolution and the Big Bang, but I thought those were simply put there to test whoever didn’t truly believe.

Yet as I continued to grow, my own faith faltered. My junior year of high school my mindset went through a huge change. I went from simply taking God’s presence for granted to once again questioning how things came to be. My curiosity overcame my faith. I wanted to find my own answers.

Throughout that year I asked for people’s beliefs on the subject. I wondered how everyone else thought the world came to be. Many told me that they believed science was right, others said that their religion answered that for them.

It seemed to me like religion had become more about the community of people and not the beliefs themselves. People just sought to have something in common with others, to feel like they were a part of something bigger than themselves. Many weren’t truly interested in the thoughts that were associated with the title they carried over themselves.

Religion seemed to be what certain people lived for. In times of weakness they attributed everything, good or bad, to God’s Will. Instead of meeting God half way and chasing after what they wanted, they simply sat there waiting for their prayers to be answered. This didn’t seem at all like what a deity would want of his creations.

After all the years spent thinking about how religion should work into life, I came up with my own way of seeing life. I don’t think any one person can have everything right, but I decided to live by what I found.

I strongly believe that life is about creating yourself in a way that everyone can respect. To be true to yourself and your morals. If there is a God, even he should be able to respect the way you build yourself. And if there isn’t, then make those around you see that the corruption of the world isn’t complete. There is good in people, and the minor differences from one person to the other don’t change that.


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